Montana CleanTech Alliance

Montana CleanTech Alliance

The state of Montana has a diverse, innovative and entrepreneurial community and workforce, and an increasingly desirable quality of life, that have contributed to Montana producing companies and leaders in environmental remediation, wind and solar technology, and innovations in the clean technology sector.

The Montana CleanTech Alliance’s (“MCA”) mission is to be a resource for clean technology industry in Montana by increasing cleantech jobs, company growth, access to capital, investments and improving Montana companies’ ability to compete in the global marketplace.

What is “CleanTech”?

Cleantech is new technology and related business models that offer competitive returns for investors and customers while providing solutions to global challenges.

Cleantech Iconographics - Wind, Bio, Solar, and Hydro

Montana’s established and growing cleantech industry segments currently include:

  • Air and Environment (Environmental Remediation)
  • Water and Wastewater (Water Resource Technologies)
  • Recycling and Waste
  • Manufacturing/Industrial
  • Agriculture
  • Materials (Pharmaceuticals, Progressive Chemistry)
  • Transportation (Fuels)
  • Energy Generation (Renewable Energy)

Recent News

  • Internet of Things: Envisioning an Even More Interconnected World

    30 July 2014

    While we’re not exactly living in the times of Marty McFly or George Jetson, our world is quickly becoming smarter and more interconnected, thanks to the rapidly growing Internet of Things sector.  Internet of Things, or IoT, is a concept in which everyday objects—from home appliances to vehicles– are connected to the Internet and can be controlled remotely.  Similar to how we put our computers in “sleep” mode today, we will soon be able to put entire households or even cities in a resting or connected mode, which has enormous environmental implications like reduced energy use and increased efficiency. Some IoT devices have already shown energy cost savings of over $170 per year. Beyond environmental impacts, IOT could be a game changer on how we live and work in a modernized world.

    Streetline, a US-based company that has already received over $59 million in capital, provides smart parking solutions through wireless sensors located in parking spots in order to reduce congestion and emissions used while looking for parking spots.    The company’s experts explain that 30% of urban traffic is caused by people looking for parking, and one study even showed that 730 tons of carbon dioxide were …