Montana CleanTech Alliance

Montana CleanTech Alliance

The state of Montana has a diverse, innovative and entrepreneurial community and workforce, and an increasingly desirable quality of life, that have contributed to Montana producing companies and leaders in environmental remediation, wind and solar technology, and innovations in the clean technology sector.

The Montana CleanTech Alliance’s (“MCA”) mission is to be a resource for clean technology industry in Montana by increasing cleantech jobs, company growth, access to capital, investments and improving Montana companies’ ability to compete in the global marketplace.

What is “CleanTech”?

Cleantech is new technology and related business models that offer competitive returns for investors and customers while providing solutions to global challenges.

Cleantech Iconographics - Wind, Bio, Solar, and Hydro

Montana’s established and growing cleantech industry segments currently include:

  • Air and Environment (Environmental Remediation)
  • Water and Wastewater (Water Resource Technologies)
  • Recycling and Waste
  • Manufacturing/Industrial
  • Agriculture
  • Materials (Pharmaceuticals, Progressive Chemistry)
  • Transportation (Fuels)
  • Energy Generation (Renewable Energy)

Recent News

  • An Update on the Energy Efficiency Sector

    23 July 2014

    Last year, the global Energy Efficiency sector completed more deals than any of its peer industries, according to Cleantech Group’s i3 platform. The past quarter saw sustained momentum within the sector, so much so that Energy Efficiency led all other industries in total accrued investments, receiving over $520 million, or 18% of all Q1 cleantech fundraising. By all accounts, efficiency software and hardware providers are doing well.

    That said, can we really call this news? For the past decade, Energy Efficiency has consistently been at the vanguard of cleantech fundraising, second only to Solar. Moreover, the former has been far more consistent in its fundraising ability than Solar, an industry known for its highs and lows.

    So while healthy numbers may be old news for the sector, sub-sector capital allocation is always changing. Energy Efficiency covers a wide swathe of subsectors, from Smart Glass to Efficient HVAC to Cleanweb and so on.  Thus, the most recent data enjoin us to ask where, specifically, are the most recent windfalls landing?

    View designs and manufactures intelligent glasses that electronically tint in response to sunlight, and in doing so, mitigates reliance on HVAC systems; the company claims energy reductions in …